1970's Yellow Amber Necklace

Lovely yellow amber 1970's necklace. Yellow is a hot color for the season and this really looks fresh and unique. Handmade in Santo Domingo.

• Era: 1970's

• Condition: Excellent

• Length:  12"


*Amber is fossilized resin of trees. Most amber is golden yellow to golden orange. Transparent to translucent it usually occurs as nodules or small, irregularly shaped masses, often with a cracked and weathered surface. Amber may contain insects, moss, lichen, or pine needles that were trapped millions of years ago while the resin was still sticky.

Many wear amber to attract warm, loyal, and generous people into your life; or carry amber on your person to lend logic or wit to a difficult situation.

Healing properties: Magnet like qualities. Attracts spiritual forces. Facilitates family bonding. Brings soul mate. Helps receive. Promotes humor and adaptability. Brings success. Helps with judicial matters. heightens instincts. Enhances artistic qualities. Helps overcome obstacles. Relieves grief and melancholy. Encourages world peace. Brings greater awareness of inner self. Provides strength. Conveys harmony. Beneficial for hepatitis, cleansing and childbirth.

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