1980's Japanese Decoupage Shell Artwork

What a neat little piece of art! The interior of the shell is painted with a goldtoned paint and then intricately decoupaged with a Japanese Kabuki figure. Perfect as a gift or to be displayed on a shelf or coffee table. It is certain to get a lot of inquiries of it's origins.

• Era: 1980's

• Condition: Mint

• Size:  3" x 2.5"

About the decoupage process: A glass shell is covered outside with cutout images glued to the surface and these are then varnished. What sounds like a simple operation is both a technical and artistic tour de force. Adjusting the flat images to a curving surface, pressing them delicately without causing a tear or without making them slide ever so slightly requires considerable deftness. Varnishing is even more delicate. The surface of the image is left to dry for 24 hours and then rubbed. The process takes 24 successive varnishings, in other words 24 days for each piece.

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