1940's Whiting & Davis Gold Mesh Clutch
Gorgeous Vintage Whiting & Davis Princess Mary Gold Mesh Evening Clutch-
This spectacular purse is truly a rare find! The gold mesh shines beautifully in the light. An Art Deco inspired rhinestone closure adds to the opulent design. Envelope shaped with a perfect mesh outside, this clutch will really take you back to another time! 2 inside pockets. Tag reads 'Whiting & Davis Co. Bags'. Minimal discoloration to the lining due to makeup. 5 inches in length, 10 inches in width (bottom), and 8 inches in width (top).

• Era: 1940's

• Condition: Excellent


The Whiting and Davis Company, located in Plainville, Massachusetts is the oldest purse company in the US and is responsible for a great variety of exceptional mesh purses as well as other accessories. Although Whiting & Davis started as a jewelry firm in 1876, they made the first mesh bag in 1892. Because of the immense popularity of the mesh handbag, other companies began manufacturing them, including the Mandalian Manufacturing Co. of  North Attleboro, Mass. By the early 1940's, Mandalian closed it's doors and Whiting & Davis acquired their mesh making machines.By the 1920's mesh bags were offered in a large spectrum of colors and fashionable designs, including enameled, Dresden and pearlized enamel finishes. Fabulous enameled flat mesh purses, known as armored mesh, were offered in varied colors and a constant parade of unusual patterns. Most of the bags made from 1929 to 1932 were patterned by silk screening where the baby ring mesh took on a soft, hazy, romantic appearance much like a blurred water color. This technique was done by hand over several days by applying one color at a time and allowing 24 hours of drying between colors.
Additional styles made popular by the Whiting & Davis Co. were the Princess Mary which had an envelope-shaped body and an interesting flap-over top, the Princess Mary Dansant with it's exterior coin purse attached to a bag with a strap

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